Danish Medical Industry Ltd. is founded by several Danish manufacturers of medical equipment. This motivates a long-term interest in the projects and business opportunities after the successful completion of the projects.
Long-term successful projects are best defined and implemented through partnerships:
  • With hospitals and health care authorities to ensure that the projects' objectives and scope fit actual needs, development plans and policies.
  • With financial institutions and development programs to ensure that the projects meet the requirements for attractive financing.
  • With the suppliers of products and services to utilise all experience available and to secure commitment to the long-term success of the projects.

  • With local partners to benefit from local expertise in project development and project management.

Partnerships should be established as early as possible in the project process in order to observe the policies and procurement regulations of the health care authorities, financial institutions and development programs in the partner country.

Danish Medical Industry
  • Improving the health care system for long-term benefit
  • Project success through partnerships
  • Effective implementation of health care projects through tight project management
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