Danish Medical Industry Ltd. ensures effective implementation of health care projects through focus on needs, supply of quality equipment, training, after sales service, tight project management and project quality control.
Effective and successful project implementation is based on:
  • Products of high quality through reliable and reputable manufacturers meeting the specified needs.
  • Training and education by professional trainers and instructors.
  • Installation, testing and after sales service by suppliers and distributors with long-term interest in the projects.
  • Tight project management by central and local project organisation securing standardization, communication, responsiveness and timely completion of the projects.

Project quality is also ensured through a common set of quality values in the project group and a tight project quality system facilitating control and initiation of corrective actions, including:

  • Monitoring of product quality.
  • Quality control of training.
  • Monitoring of the suppliers' warranty handling.
  • Regular project reviews.
  • Project procedure handbook to ensure standardization in project tasks.
Danish Medical Industry
  • Improving the health care system for long-term benefit
  • Project success through partnerships
  • Effective implementation of health care projects through tight project management

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